I have a series of AppleScripts which are saved as apps. For simplicity sake let's say the apps are literally named App1, App2, and App3. I've made a simple list that asks the user to make a selection, then opens that app. It works fine for single selections…

choose from list {¬
    "App1", ¬
    "App2", ¬
    "App3"} ¬
    with prompt "What would you like to do?" with multiple selections allowed and empty selection allowed

if not result is equal to false then activate application (result as string)

But I also need to be able to select multiple apps at the same time and launch them all together (or sequentially).

Currently, if I pick App1 and App3 I get a Choose Application dialog saying "Where is App1App3?" which obviously doesn't exist.

How can I change the code so that it sees the selections as separate apps and launches them correctly?