macOS WiFi Wont Show WiFi Login Page

When connecting to hotel WiFi, the WiFi login page doesn’t appear on macOS. When trying to go to a standard webpage I get an error about my network connection.

After reading a lot of documentation and articles online some common suggestions include:

  • Navigating to or in a web browser to see if a non-SSL site will trigger the login page to appear
  • Try navigating to the router IP address (listed in System Preferences) in a web browser. This did redirect me to a different site, but that page had the same error as everything else.
  • Flushing the DNS cache
  • Restarting my computer
  • Ensuring that there are no custom DNS Server addresses
  • And more

None of these solutions triggered the login page, and none helped me establish a connection to the internet.

What is strange is going into recovery mode (the mode where you can reinstall macOS), and going into the Safari browser there shows the WiFi login page perfectly. But I don’t want to stay in recovery mode forever, I want this to work in my normal system.

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