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Mac OS X Finder show just file details

The Finder in column view shows a preview of the file, then information listed below it. The preview (which has no value to me) takes up most of the available space and the file information I want to see is hidden.

All I want to see is the size, creation and modification dates. I would also like to get rid of the “more” section, which is useless and just takes up space.

In the image below, the preview takes up most of the space, the “more” section takes up nearly 1/4 of the space and of the 3 things I want to see most, only the size is available. The name and filetype is already displayed on the column to the left, it’s pointless to repeat it under the preview.

Preview image

I know I could switch to the list view, but I’ve used the column view forever (since 1990) and it was extremely useful, now it’s just a daily annoyance. I also don’t want to have to navigate to directory using one view, then switch views to select a file, then go back to column view to navigate, etc.

I’m not a fan of Windows, but I find I can configure Windows Explorer to suit me much better than the Mac OS Finder as I can get rid of the preview and show just the information I want.

Is there any way to do that in the Finder?

How to copy URL with page title from Safari to Pages

In earlier versions of Safari and Pages drag&drop of an URL from Safari to Pages resulted in a link with the page title as the text, and the URL as a link “behind” it. It still works that way in Mail in Mojave.

But with Safari and Pages all you get with drag&drop is a link (without the page title), which you then need to edit to replace the displayed text with i.e. the page title.

Is there a way (maybe via AppleScript) to insert title & URL of a Safari tab into a Pages document without having to manually edit it afterwards?

Trump Huawei Can Once Again Do Business with U.S. Companies

In a move that’s not going to surprise many, President Donald Trump has allowed U.S. companies to once again do business with Huawei. The US government is still not removing Huawei from its Entity List but it is allowing US companies to once again indulge in trade with the Chinese company.
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